Just Managing


I realise I need to ask for some help.

You see I’m a minister not a manager.

I love ministering especially here at RBC and I think I’m pretty good at it. But honestly at times…. I’m just managing. I have considerable experience managing projects and managing people and actually enjoy it.  Helping people realise their potential and work at their best is a real joy for me.  However, I’m not a manager and this is where I realise some help is needed, especially as I lead a Church that is blessed with many professional people who I’m sure could be extremely helpful in sorting out some of the areas that I’m not so strong in.

Whilst RBC is most definitely firstly a church and our focus is firmly rooted in discipleship, gospel witness and compassionate care; we are also a charity that has to meet specific levels of regulatory compliance. This takes time, energy and resource – doing this sort of work doesn’t really play to my strengths – but it might play to yours.

Over the last two terms we have kept revisiting the themes of contextual mission; using what we have, where we are for God’s glory and to build His kingdom.  I’m preaching about this on Sunday and it is very much part of our Refuel, Refocus, Relate thinking.  I’d like to apply those principles to helping things run more efficiently at RBC.

I’d love to explore putting some project teams together drawing on people’s experience of:

  • Organisational management
  • HR management
  • Administration management
  • Premises management

I don’t envisage these teams being particularly time onerous, but they will be very task focussed. Each team will have clear objectives as we look at some of the organisational areas that we need to develop.

So, if you have God given gifts and passions in any of these areas, you could use them to help support and strengthen the work of RBC. Dare I say it, this could be your calling for this time.

This could be your contextual mission, using what you have, where you are, for God!

Think about it, pray about it and then act on it and let me know.

See you on Sunday





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