Be Uncomfortable


Greetings and welcome back after the summer break! The chances are as you read this I will be with the motley crew of men in North Devon at the annual ‘surf and camp’ weekend. I’ve heard so many stories and tales about this yearly gathering I thought I’d go and experience it for myself. As I write this I’m not sure where I’ll be sleeping, and this is concerning me because I like a familiar and comfortable bed to sleep in. Am I wrong in that?  Maybe, but there’s some guys at RBC who wouldn’t even contemplate weekends like this or ‘The Gathering’ in June or ‘The Forge’ next week because it is camping and …  it’s uncomfortable.  Come on men … you’re better than that!

During my summer break I have been forced to confront my penchant for comfort many times, as we backpacked through South East Asia we stayed in some very ropey places where luxury was not high on the landlord’s agenda.  (In the spirit of full disclosure, we also stayed in some lovely places too).  During my first year at RBC I fear I have got a little bit too comfortable in how I live and act out my role as your pastor. You’ve given me a lovely study – have I been spending too much time in there?

Jesus has been challenging me through his teachings and stories, particularly Luke 12: 35-47 about getting too comfortable and complacent.  I want to do something about it.

There’s going to be a much greater, more purposeful and intentional emphasis on outreach, mission and discipleship this next year. To start with we have Andrew Hawkins coming next Saturday morning to help us with evangelism training. Andrew trains churches in outreach and evangelism and he is bringing with him Micheal Harvey, the pioneer of ‘Back to Church Sunday’.

It’s only two hours next Saturday 15th September, it will be over by 12 noon. I would love to have a minimum of 50 people come, so please join us. Andrew will be giving us the tools to tell our faith story and tell Jesus’ story in a succinct and powerful way. Maybe you have questions and objections about evangelism, come along and ask them.  Maybe your faith has really gone lukewarm to non- existent of late, come along and challenge us and yourself. It’s two hours so come along…or are you worried you’ll be too uncomfortable?

The Church Leadership Team have been talking and praying about how we can use our buildings and premises and even our budget in ways that may be uncomfortable to some, but we believe it’s the right thing to do as followers of Jesus.

Jesus’ challenges have taught me this: he doesn’t lead us into discomfort out of some sadistic pleasure in our ill ease. No, its when we are in these situations, for the sake of the gospel that he brings out the best in us; and for those moments we are at our best because we are living out the purpose we were saved for.

I’ll be back Sunday…. see you then


3 thoughts on “Be Uncomfortable

  1. Thanks Graham, Feel I have been sleepwalking spiritually in 2018. Been way way way to comfortable. Thats why I need people in my life like Grant Robbins to challenge me just by his life. been starting to be in touch with him daily – emails/txt – to help me in my natural descent into seeking comfort. Cant be comfortable and be following Jesus – impossible. Scripture tells us “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Without being in touch daily with someone to help us not be comfortable may still be coming to church but my heart will be hardened. Cant afford for my heart to be hardened. Please pray for me to not have a hard heart for the lost – that is my default.


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