I’m very pleased to introduce another guest blogger this week. I was so inspired by the reports and accounts of the Justice conference that our ‘Live Justly’ group attended last month, I’ve invited Ruth to blog about climate change, over to you Ruth  ……….

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Do you know that there are important climate talks going on in Katowice, Poland? These talks are called COP 24 (or 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)) and are being held from 2nd to 14th December. In 2015 after years of negotiations, 195 nations committed to work together to tackle climate change and keep the earth’s temperature rise below 2 degrees (a very dangerous level for the world). This deal is known as the Paris Agreement and the way that this is worked out going forward will be the nitty-gritty of the talks in Poland.

COP24 What is it all about?

I find myself more and more concerned about climate change because I believe that as Christians we are God’s ‘image bearers’ and we have been entrusted by God with this beautiful earth and called to care for it. Instead we in the rich world are the biggest culprits in climate change due to our over consumption of the world’s resources and the effects are hitting the poorest people of our world first and hardest, those who have contributed least to the problem. I feel that if we claim to love God and love our neighbour, then we should care about our global neighbour being harmed by climate change (Luke 10 v 27)

At the beginning of November a few of us from RBC attended the first UK Justice conference, hosted by Tearfund. A few weeks before the conference the Inter Parliamentary Panel on Climate change (IPCC) issued a report which highlighted that governments and individuals need to make large-scale changes within the next 12 years to put the world on track to 1.5°C of global warming. Every single fraction of a degree will matter to reduce the devastation on people’s lives from floods, storms and droughts.

During the week before the conference a World Wildlife Fund report stated that globally, humanity has now wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970. The report says, “Nature contributes to human wellbeing culturally and spiritually, as well as through thecritical production of food, clean water, and energy, and through regulating the Earth’s climate, pollution, pollination and floods,”

During one of the worship sessions at the conference, we sang the old hymn, ‘How great thou art’ which begins with a sense of delight in meeting God through creation. I found myself literally sobbing at the thought of the numbers of creatures (animal and human) born out of God’s creativity, whose populations have been, and will continue to be, decimated by our greed and selfishness. I felt that God was giving me a sense of his depth of feeling about the ways we have treated his beautiful creation and a sense of urgency that we need to Pray and Act.


So, as guest blogger this week, can I encourage you if you can, to take some time this week to pray for those involved in the climate talks in Poland. This COP is a crucial COP. An ambitious deal in Katowice includes agreeing fair, robust and transparent rules to turn Paris into action, finance for developing countries to adapt and stronger commitments and national country plans by 2020. It may seem impossible to do, but with faith, it will be possible. Prayer is part of our response – it connects us to God and will also shape the way we respond to these issues.

There are some prayers to help you here:-

Pray for the climate resources


Andy and I have been on a journey for some time in response to God’s prompting about living more sustainably and believe that we all have a part to play in reducing our personal contribution to climate change. We have been trying to walk and cycle more, using the car less and public transport where possible. We have further reduced the amount of meat we eat as the meat industry contributes significantly to climate change in the energy it uses and the gases emitted. We have changed to a renewable energy supplier and changed our bank accounts to one which doesn’t invest in fossil fuels. These feel like small steps but they are also acts of worship and I don’t feel we can call on government and business to make changes unless we are first prepared to make them ourselves.

Speaking up for change: The Paris Agreement on climate change is a brilliant step, but we need to keep reminding governments to implement it and stick to their climate commitments. You can join Christian brothers and sisters from around the world who will be at the talks presenting a Christian influencers letter, by adding your “Amen” to this action organised by Tearfund.

A group of us at Redhill Baptist church have begun meeting together to help one another on this journey of engaging with MP’s and national leaders to advocate for Creation care and other justice issues, especially on behalf of the poorest who often have no voice. If you are interested to join us then do get in touch with me at

Here are some other resources that may be of interest:-

Visit to join a global movement of Christians acting and praying to tackle climate change.

Visit for an introduction to climate change

For a personal take from a Christian working on climate science try Katharine Hayhoe’s website

Nine ways to live more sustainably from Green Christian are in this booklet


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  1. What a powerful and helpful blog post, Ruth. Both informative and engaging and well written too. I especially found it moving regards your reaction to ‘How great thou art.’ Thank you for raising these issues. God bless, Martin


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