I’m about to drive across to Oxfordshire to visit my Mother, it may be the last time I see her for a long time, it may be the last time I see her – but I don’t want to think about that. My Mum is incredible – I know many of us think this about their mothers, but I feel I can back this up well.  In my Mum’s near 90 years of life she has coped with wars, illness, recession, loss, bereavement, declining health, monumental lifestyle changes and amazing trips around the world. My Mum has never been wealthy or blessed with a high salary yet is (still) inspiringly generous with a solid and oft backed up belief that ‘the Lord will provide’ …. He always has.

Mum was a nurse and as all children of medics know that meant she gave no sympathy whenever I felt ill as a child. Mum believed firmly that the school would send you home if you were that ill…. but I was still always sent to school.

Mum’s faith in God’s guidance and providence puts me to shame as my parents took retrospectively barmy decisions to move the family to different and sometimes difficult places following God’s direction.  

In her late 80’s not only did she downsize from the big family house to a small chic two bed apartment, but she moved to a new town, church, and community. At the time of the move she commented that whilst she didn’t feel it or consider it, she realised that people saw her as ‘another’ old lady! In her new church this ‘old lady’ is the first to volunteer when a plea is given or the need arises, when people half her age haven’t stepped up.

Mum is resolutely anti hearing aids – the neighbours have got used to her deafening headache-inducing TV volume!  She’s also embraced technology transitioning from a steam powered 386 windows 3,1 computer to a sleek new iPad. However, she’s never quite mastered the art of turning her mobile phone on.

Mum would be classed as vulnerable in the current health climate we are living in, although woe-be-tide the brave person that tells her that. Sadly, it’s true, and she will need to self-isolate which will be hard for her. My sisters and I are debating whether a visit is wise, have I mixed with corona infected people this week? I’ve tried not to, but I just don’t know. So, we made the joint decision I could go, but I’m not to hug her or be near her and of course I must wash my hands.

I pray this won’t be last time I see Mum, I somehow suspect she will give Abraham a run for his money in terms of longevity, So, I’m going and Mum will probably tell me not to be so daft – ‘I’m fine’.

We don’t give up caring and loving, even when we are distant.

Is there someone you need to reach out to this weekend?

Please keep in touch

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