Onsite Delight

I was so glad to be at the Sunday onsite service viewing last weekend. It almost felt like BC (Before Covid) times. I introduced the service and welcomed folk – just like I used to,then we handed over to the worship team for a song and worship. As the music started everyone stood and people actually started singing! – With their masks on and in quiet voices we joined in with the words on screen and the beautiful melodies of John and Sian, it felt just like one of the moments in a BC Sunday when with eyes closed and hands raised we could get lost in the musicianship and content of spiritual praise and adoration.

Later in the service when we came to the teaching section, I preached live. It was the same as the online message – the difference being this was live and by definition more responsive and interactive. We closed the service in the same way and at the same time as the online service but then followed it with a special time of prayer……., live prayer in real time – something that’s hard to capture in our online service.

These Sunday onsite services are a bit of a test – always under review as we practically work out how we can transition to covid-safe gathered Sunday worship. We follow the same streamed service online but because we are together, we are incorporating more and more live elements. It feels good and I think it’s working – we’re certainly getting good feedback. We are very careful to maintain good covid-secure protocols but even amidst all the restrictions we are having some very special times of gathered worship.

So, If your Sunday mornings have become a bit too routine and you find you are disengaging or only half watching our online service, this week, get up, get dressed come along to our on site service. This week we will be sharing a covid-secure live communion. You can register via the links on the RBC website. It will be lovely to see you in person.
It will be an Onsite Delight!

See you on Sunday (Onsite or Online)

One thought on “Onsite Delight

  1. Good to see the “resurrection” of the Letter Day.  And a well composed letter …. encouraging and informative without any hint of proscription.



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