Circuit Break

‘Know when to stop’ is a phrase that I’ve heard throughout my life:  As a precocious little brother to three older and wiser sisters who’d had enough of my crack-a-joke book jokes, to the police man reminding me that the red traffic light is not a philosophical discussion point, to the doctor many years ago telling me that if I want to be around for my family I need to take a break.  Stopping, pausing for breath, taking a moment etc. is usually a very good thing to do with a greater outcome, than ploughing on heroically.

This is the thinking behind our three-week circuit break starting on Sunday November 8.

I am so proud of our online services we have been offering since March this year. I’ve not found or seen another church producing online services as good as these in such high quality. I truly believe we have curated something quite unique that will stand the test of time. We have viewers joining with us from all over the world, friends new and old, near and far are part of our growing online congregation. Thanks to an amazing team, a colossal community of creative talent, a risky giant-step taking faith and prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer, we have been able to build and maintain our online and onsite presence.

I truly believe that we need to take a short break, a ‘circuit break’, for a few weeks to give us a church community the opportunity to rest, reflect and reset before we move into the advent and Christmas season.  So, we are taking the risky step of trying something completely different for three weeks (8, 15, 22 Nov): our Sunday services will be on zoom only. It will give us all a chance to reconnect, recommit and relate to each other again in real time – albeit from the comfort and distance of our own homes.

We are planning some amazing times of worship, teaching, interaction and conversation for these three weeks and we will make sure that we stay as inclusive and welcoming to new friends and visitors as we have been online.  These zoom services will not be recorded or streamed later, so in a throwback to the BC (before Covid) services we are asking people to commit to joining us online at 10:00 on these Sunday mornings- with your cameras on. You can still be in your PJ’s, no one will mind!

I’m actually really excited about the idea and what will come from these three weeks.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

See you on Sunday (still online for 2 more weeks)

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